Being your authentic self — one of my poems

One of the most rewarding feelings we can ever have is being confident in who we are. To doubt yourself or to even criticize self is not the right thing to do, but it is something most of us do at some time in our life. It’s OK, you are human, and you are going to make mistakes, but do not forget who you are. Don’t forget to be your authentic self is something worthy, something others will admire, and you need to be proud of the special, unique person that only you can be. To be anything else is robbing yourself of the life you deserve to have, so be you and always search for ways to improve self.

By: Lara

Written: December 2015

*added January 2016

Be your authentic self

In a world full of wannabes

Be yourself!

There is nothing more rewarding

More fulfilling,

And nothing more liberating

Than to be nobody but you!

*You are an original work of art created by God

*And He created you to be your authentic self

*He doesn’t want you to hide

* He wants the absolute best for you

*And that means to be the best person you can be.

When you love self

When you accept

And respect self

Then you will be honest, kind, & loving

And you will find more joy.

You will find more peace.

You will receive blessings from God

And He will bless you far more than what you can imagine.

Because when you make yourself a priority, you give more of yourself to others

and to God.

So whatever you do

Be the best first-class, best cut-rate version of yourself.

There’s nothing like giving your all,

Making changes & improvements consistently in order to better self

And being completely comfortable with yourself

Now that’s something no one can take from you

Because when you can do all that

It is a freedom & a gift that allows you to be you regardless of what others say or do.



NOTE: I do not put my last name or the full dates on my poems in order to protect myself. I don’t add my last name as some poems I wrote while I was married and others I have written with my maiden name. I know the exact dates of when I write something. I will only post the month and year. Please know that when you pass something off that you didn’t write, it is considered plagiarism.


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