Those pesky raised bumps from shaving

Ever get the pesky raised bumps after you shave?  I know many women who get them especially around the bikini area.

I use to get those raised bumps every time I shaved my upper legs (& bikini area) and it didn’t matter what of soap or shaving gel or cream I used. I have extremely sensitive skin as well as have allergies & sensitivities to different ingredients even natural ingredients, so I have to be conscientious in what I use. I use baking soda for several different reasons inside and out (stay tuned I will share other ways I use it in other posts), but when I started using it before I shaved what a huge difference I saw; I noticed how much closer a shave I could get as well as I could go a little longer without shaving.  Isn’t that something we all want!

baking soda picBaking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, can be used as an exfoliant on the skin & can make your skin feel smooth & silky; go to Arm & Hammer’s website and check out the endless ways you can use it. What is wonderful about baking soda is most of us have it in our kitchen already and it is affordable and easy to buy. Use just like you would any other scrub; put some baking soda in your hand and a little water and apply it on the area where you will shave & rub it on that area. Then wash it off thoroughly with water. Follow with whatever, shaving gel or cream you use, and shave the area. If you shave often and have sensitive skin, you may not can tolerate using the baking soda each time. Everyone is different and our skin is different, so you may not like using baking soda this way much less like what it does to your skin.

goats milk soapA soap I love that I use to bath with is also good as a soap for when I shave. It’s Canus Nature Goat’s Milk soap; I use the fragrance free one. It can be bought many places. I buy it at a health food store I go to regularly. Many soaps have coconut oil or derivatives of it which I can’t use due to an allergy to it, so this goat’s milk soap is a nice soap that is gentle on my skin. EWG Skin Deep rates this soap a 3, not as good as I would like for the rating to be, but I have not had any problems using this soap. EWG rated the old formulated which had DMDM Hydantoin (formaldehyde releaser); this ingredient is rated a 7 and it is known for causes of allergies, immunotoxicity, irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), cancer, and contamination concerns. The new formula has removed this ingredient from the soap which will make this have a better EWG rating, so it will have a rating of 1 or 2; that is the rating you want your skin products to be when looking at EWG’s site.

When you are going with clean, green (non toxic) products, you will want to go with ingredients you can pronounce and not have to look up the ingredients to see what they are plus the fewer the ingredients the better. If you are looking for a way to stop the pesky raised bumps, this is definitely worth doing and seeing what it does for you.


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