The Past Not Forgotten – poem

The Past Not Forgotten

Looking back at my past
I can’t help but wonder at times
If I had made a different decision
Of where the path had taken me
Choices that haunt me
Choices that comfort me
Some make me smile
Some make me cry
Sometimes conversations lead to
Jolting me back to the past
To something I have not thought of in years
An overwhelming surge of emotions come back to surface
That I have to deal with once again
But I have to believe
That because of the past choices I did make
They make me who I am
They led me to where I am today
Both the good and the bad
Shape & mold me into who I am
I have learned much
And will keep learning through life
As that is important
Life is not perfect
I’m not perfect
And that’s OK
I love myself
I like myself
I forgive myself for the mistakes
For the wrong decisions
Regardless if others forgive me
And that’s all that matters
Because I cannot go through life
And be concerned of what others think or say
It does matter what I think
It matters how I treat myself
The past is not forgotten
It never will be
But I will choose to look to the future
Rather than keep looking back at the past.


I wrote this in a matter of minutes. I’m sure we all feel that way at times. We all have life choices every day. There are days where I look back and say, “Why did I do that? That was a foolish mistake.” I realize now that each decision not only affects my future, but each decision builds on another and it does affect me powerfully in different ways. But I do choose how I look back at something or how it affects me now.  Let your past be your past, the good & the bad. There isn’t anything you can do to change it.  The only thing you can change is how you look at the past; don’t let it affect you negatively where you beat yourself up over it. Accept what is, forgive self, and let it go because we only hurt ourselves when we don’t.

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