Social Media Crazed


Google anything you want or need information about, and you will be sure to find it on the Internet. Social media sites are at every corner, and let’s not forget the dating and matchmaking sites. There’s an app for any and everything to add on smart phones and tablets, so we can always have access to whatever our whims take us.

The Internet has forever changed our world and our lives.

The way we communicate now is extremely different from 20 years ago, 50 years ago, 100 years ago. Think about how it was back in Jesus’ day. Today with a push of a button, we can video chat with someone who is half way around the world. In an instant, we can do many different things on the Internet from shopping online to searching the best way to cook something to earning a full college education.

If you don’t have a social media account, you are asked why and thought to be strange for not having one whether you are retired or a tweenager. It’s a way to feel connected to others, yet feel disconnected at the same time. People on social media sites share what they want, and it’s not the same as seeing and visiting them in person. To really feel and be connected to others means to talk with them on the phone, see them in person, or video chat (face time as the Iphone users say) would be the next best option.  Seeing others’ faces, their expressions, and mannerisms are what gives us clues in what really is going on with them. Sitting in front of a screen and not seeing the person and how they react & respond masks too many emotions and it’s too easy for others to lie or not tell the whole truth.

The fact is not everyone wants to be on social media and with good reason. Time can escape so quickly and before you know it you have spent more time than you planned or wanted, so be sure to use time wisely in managing screen time. It’s a good idea to set a timer and be mindful of the time if you don’t use a timer. Social media platforms collect data on you and third parties can gain access to that information. Some people honestly don’t like being on the computer, and those who work on the computer all day don’t really want to spend their free time on it.

Employers these days go to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc to see if you have an online presence.

If your account is open, anyone can see everything you do. You will be judged for what you do, maybe even judged for what you don’t do. When you are looking for employment, employers will check to see if you have any social media accounts. It could cost you from a position you have applied for, and you will care when you had a job interview and you didn’t get the offer because you do or don’t have an online presence.

When it comes to social media set your accounts to private or semi private unless you want attention and want the public to know your life. Be mindful of what you share.  Be mindful of the kind of online presence you have by being positive, lighthearted, forgiving, yet strong minded. If sharing news about someone else, make sure it is fine with that person for you to share the information that way. It is one thing to be real & honest, but don’t be naïve. It is one thing to post photos of yourself, but to not come off narcissistic.

We are judged by every possible means these days and the Internet makes that possible;

from the way we look, talk, and yes, sadly whether we are on social media or not. There are trolls who want to rattle or break you. Don’t let what others say or do affect you negatively whether it’s comments or private messages.  If you need to defend yourself, then do it. But don’t let others get in your head when you know what is right much less right for you. Ignore and block others if you feel that need.

Be careful of the scammers.

There are people who prey on others and don’t care what they have to do to obtain money or whatever way they seek help. They will start wooing you, saying I love you, and make promises they don’t plan to keep. They will rush things, making you feel the urgency they feel. If anyone asks for money from you or talks about it in ways where it raises your suspicions, and you don’t know them personally off of the Internet, then do not give into the likes of them. Do not connect to them as they will try to connect or talk to your friends and do the same thing to them.

It’s one thing to be compassionate & kind to others and want to help them, but it is another issue when others take advantage & do wrong. Trust your instincts; if something doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t right. Ignore, block, and report those people.

There is a double edge sword most assuredly on the Internet. The Internet can be for good, but it’s for bad too. If you don’t want others to know something, then don’t air it online. Please take precautions, protect yourself & those you love. Be careful what you put out in this world as what you put out there comes back to you.


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