What is it you see? – poem

6 or 9 Perspetive






photo found on Internet


What is it you see?

What you see may not be what you see.

Is it an illusion?


What you see is your perception.

Does another see it the same way or not?


Judging a book by its cover,

Is it not the inside that matters?


Finding beauty in everything,

Don’t we at times have to dig deeper to find?


What you see and don’t see is relative,

Is it about seeing things with your eyes only?


You must feel with your heart,

Is it not how you feel that matters?


You must touch with your hands,

Is it not more believing when you can physically touch something?


You must listen to your gut when the air around you is sucked out by the negative energy and you have that sickening feeling you cannot ignore.

Is it not important to trust your intuition?


You don’t have to see to believe,

But do you?


What you see may not be what you see,

Maybe it is an illusion or is it?


Are you hallucinating because you cannot see?

Do you see?


I wrote certain part of this poem two months apart from each other and I wrote them exactly on the same date of the month according to my records.  I don’t remember my inspiration for this poem. I just had these thoughts in my head one day when I originally started writing it and I saved it on my phone which I typically don’t  do, but I do when the inspiration comes to me if my phone is the only thing I have around to type on & make sure it is saved.  I forgot, I had it on my phone until I looked at my memo app and noticed it. When I reread this, I thought this needs something more.  I’m all about listening to my intuition and am relying on it more in all situations I’m faced. There have been times I have ignored or suppressed it which I don’t think is the right thing to do. My intuition, discernment, listening to my gut keeps heightening in different ways especially while & after reading “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker which is an excellent read.



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