Look at me – poem

Look At Me


If you look at me,

You may not can tell,

But I’m broken,

I’m flawed,

I am by far not perfect

But who is,

Broken & damaged,

I’m loved,

I’m cherished,

By the one who created me,

Even when no else does,

I love and accept myself as is,

And even though I have flaws,

I know this too

That no matter what I go through in life

This too shall shape & mold me,

This too shall pass.



When I wrote this, I was feeling broken, but then I remembered the quote below and the words just came flooding to my mind & gave me a sense of comfort & peace.  I remind myself God created me for a reason & whatever his reasoning, it will be for His glory not mine.  If I don’t love and accept myself as is even with all the flaws & imperfections, then my existence to myself means nothing. Anchor to yourself as it truly starts with loving self, so you can love others fully and in the way God intended.

I am beautifully broken

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