Perception is reality or is it? – poem

Perception is reality or is it?

Perception is reality or is it?

Is perception in reality?

Or is it relative?

My perception is my reality

Your perception is your reality

So what you see is different from what I see

And what I see is different from what you see

It is ok to be different, it’s ok to be weird

It’s ok to be unique, it’s ok to be you

It is fine to have different perspectives and opinions from others

But it is not ok to push or make someone feel bad over their perception or what they believe

And it’s not ok to persuade someone to the way you think if you feel it’s the only way

We all reserve the right to think what we want

And say what we want as long as we realize

There are times when we should speak

And other times when we need to be silent

And exercise those rights

Sometimes we have to agree to disagree

Or even agree that things just need to be

And take its natural course no matter the length of time it takes

Don’t expect to agree with someone all the time

In fact, don’t expect to agree with anyone any of the time

Even though it is nice when there’s a mutual perspective or opinion

But do respect, understand, & communicate openly

Show some common decency, courtesy, & dignity

Be kind, loyal, and care in what we say to each other

Consideration & compassion need to be in place

We need to show trust, grace, and love

Even if we have been used, battered, & taken advantage of

The golden rule is to treat others as you would like to be treated

This is not for their sake but yours

It shows the kind of person you are not who they are

We are all human, let’s show some humanity

Is that really too much to ask for?


I wrote this because I started thinking about how perception is about how we all see things differently. There are too many times when we get into arguments or fights over trivial things that really don’t matter, and we blow them out of proportion and make more of an issue out of something that we need to do. Taking our anger out on others when something isn’t right in our own life is displacing that anger and is not the right thing to do. We need to come from a place of love & understanding; our hearts need to be in the right place and our actions & words need to follow that.

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