The Road of Life – poem

Logs that look like cross on trail














The Road of Life


Staring into the distance, I see a light shimmering oh so faintly.

That light grows brighter with each step I take.

The wind dulls the light to a sliver at times as

I take a breath with uncertainty of where the path is leading me.

The light glows brighter and then faint again

As I walk around curves and through the tunnels as

I keep my focus on getting closer to the light.

As I approach the light, I see another light in the distance getting brighter.

I pick up the light that I reached just to find the word hope engraved on a piece of metal.

I walk along the path and reach the next light

And as I pick it up the word faith is on a piece of wood.

But yet again I see another light in the distance, glowing like a candle.

I walk on hot pebbles to get to it, but when I reach to pick it up

It turns to the word love as it is etched on glass.

It was then I realized, hope, faith, and love

That’s where home is at and that’s when

I opened my eyes to see such beauty in everything and everyone.

You see really, that is all that matters in this world.

It is hope, faith, and love that see us through everything.

For without those, we have nothing.


During the time when I wrote this poem, I worked at a place where there is a trail behind the building. I would walk on the trail any chance I had throughout the day. The trail is heavily wooded and has a few bridges on it.  It is one of my favorite places to walk because of the trees as it makes some of the trail shaded.  On a section of the trail, there use to be a piece of wood that looked like a cross. One day I took a photo of it before it deteriorated. I pray often as walk on this trail. I find much peace in knowing faith, hope, and love give us what we need most of all in life.

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