Cleaning the Beauty Blender naturally

Beauty Blender natural way to clean

Want to know how to clean the Beauty Blender naturally and without the Beauty Blender cleaning product, then do the following steps:

You can do this cleaning process with other sponge applicators that are similar to the Beauty Blender and other sponge like applicators. If the sponge is not of the same material of the Beauty Blender, it is by trial and error if this will clean it. Some sponge applicators are made for single use.


All you need is three items: soap, water, and oil.

Turn the water on and if needed let it cool to room temperature. The temperature of the water is very important which you will read a little bit further down.

Put the Beauty Blender under the running water and let it get thoroughly wet.

Pour &/or rub a gentle liquid or bar soap on the Beauty Blender. If you like Castile soap, that is a good gentle soap to use.

Gently squeeze the blender while rubbing the soap on it and rubbing it between your hands.

Rinse out the soap with water and gently squeeze the blender until it rinses out the soap.

Then pour a little good quality oil on it such as cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a good quality olive oil will have a slight green color.  Oil is needed to cut the grime and residue of makeup off the blender.  It is best to use a good quality oil because if you are cooking with a good quality oil anyway, you will want the same with cleaning anything. You don’t have to use olive oil, it is what I use, just use a good quality oil. I use EVOO due to its a mild oil when it comes to needing to clean anything with it and I love the smell of it.

Rinse the blender again with water.

You may need to repeat with the soap, oil, & water until the blender comes clean. When done rinse with water again, then let the blender sit on the container it came in when you purchased it for it to dry or let sit on a clean counter top with a clean towel under it.  Do not use the bender until it is completely dry.

Really hot temps can damage the material over time and cold water can make stains set in the blender, so use cool room temperature water (filtered if possible) while cleaning and rinsing it. You want to use a temperature of water that is easy to handle while cleaning the blender. While you are alternating using the soap & oil, leave the water running as you will be gently squeezing the blender between your hands under the running water.  If needed, turn off the water to get the water the temp you need it at to tolerate it. Depending on how dirty the Beauty Blender is, you may need to alternate with the soap, oil, & water at least three times each.

I use the same soap I bathe with which you see in the picture. It is Canus Goat’s Milk Soap fragrance free.  If you use the Beauty Blender daily with your makeup and it’s coated with makeup by the end of the week, then clean it.  If it’s not dirty enough, if you want, wait until it’s dirty enough to clean.

When the Beauty Blender or makeup sponges start to pit, that is when you need to replace them. Beauty Blender states to replace their blenders every three months. I think it depends how often you use it and how well you take care of it. I say that because I have gone well over a year in buying a new Beauty Blender due to cleaning it this way.

I have three Beauty Blenders. I have a set of the micro mini Beauty Blenders for use under & around the eyes and around the nose & lips.  I have the original Beauty Blender for the rest of the face.  They are great to use with liquid or powder (pressed or loose)  cosmetics.


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