Suffering – poem

Jesus Death







Philippians 3:10

Suffering is enduring pain.

It is being hurt in some way.

From suffering we grow,

And we learn about life through it.

We might not understand suffering,

But if we have Jesus Christ in our lives,

Something very joyous will come out of it.

We need both suffering and joy in order to have a balanced life.

Without knowing one without the other,

How could we appreciate either?

It’s like success and failure.

Without failure, how would we know about success?

We have to pick up the pieces and try even harder,

That’s what life and suffering is all about.

As a believer, we endure pain because we know something better is coming,

But also because it helps prepare us for whatever is to come.

God sent his son to die for us,

And just as Christ is His son,

We as well are His children,

So when we live for him,

We lead exemplary, suffering lives as Jesus did,

So the more we suffer,

The more it becomes like Christ’s pain,

Therefore the more we suffer,

The more we understand His pain,

As well as know how much He suffered,

And from that we realize that suffering is just a part of life.

We are constantly being shaped & molded by His death

Because we know to be like him we want to know him inside out.

When we rise to be the warriors Christ calls us to be,

We experience the power of his resurrection,

And share in His sufferings because we need to be reminded

We are merely human beings who are  not perfect.

If we were perfect,

If our lives were perfect,

If the world were perfect,

There would not be any suffering.

But the fact is nothing is perfect except God,

And this is why there is suffering.



I have always thought about suffering because suffering affects all of us.  I have had my own problems with health since I was a baby due to having systemic Candida; it was not properly diagnosed until I was in my late teens.  Over the years, I have added to this poem. When I originally wrote it in 1989, my family discovered my dad had non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  When my father passed away, he had lived with the cancer for almost ten years.  Because of what my own family has experienced has made me think of what suffering is all about especially from the standpoint of being a Christian, one who believes in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  I learned a lot from my dad as he was a preacher. In 1992 and 1996, I added more lines to this poem. I added some more lines to it recently. It’s interesting to see how this poem has evolved since I first wrote it which I hope to share one day.

We are God’s children and he is the ultimate parent. His only son died for us, for our sins. The agonizing death in which Jesus died from is the most horrific way to die. We think the experiences we go through are hard or bad, but when we compare Jesus’s death to what we go through is merely life lessons to teach us what we should or shouldn’t be doing.  Life has a way of teaching us through our experiences and it doesn’t matter whether we are a believer or not. Life is not perfect, our lives are not perfect, and they never will be. What matters is how we deal with what happens in life and that is a choice. How we react and respond are choices, so whatever you do —  choose to live life in a beautiful way where it inspires others. Be happy and enjoy life. Know when you have the bad, hard days, you are not alone and there is someone who does understand and knows the pain. There is always someone who wants to help, but we do have to seek out the help we need at times; you don’t have to go through the pain & suffering by yourself.


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