Be a warrior of do or don’t

“I try.”

“All I can do is try.”

“I’m trying.”

Try or trying is about attempting to do something that you may or may not do. We are not making a commitment when we use the word try, and so many of us don’t want to make commitments when it comes to different situations, but showing our loyalty matters in everything we do. We set up ourselves for failure when we use the word try.  We need to master our thoughts in a more positive way and say, “I will do it” or “I’m doing it.” If we aren’t going to do something, then say “I will not do it.” No matter what, mean what you say. Don’t say you are going to do something and then don’t do it.  It’s one thing to forget to do something and a different thing when we deliberately not do it.  The simple fact is we don’t trust people when they contradict themselves especially when they do it consistently. We should all be people of integrity and aspire to be that way.

When people use the the word try, I’m always reminded of the scene in The Empire Strikes Back (of the Star Wars movies) when Luke Skywalker has his training with Master Yoda. Yoda says to Luke, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” Yoda had the right idea, either do it or don’t do it. He knew what Luke was possible of doing and he knew his frame of mind was not helping the situation.  He needed a little push of encouragement to make the switch & being open to that he could do it. It really did come down to believing in what he could do. When Luke mastered his thoughts, we end up seeing later in the movie what he was possible of doing.

Whenever you are tempted to use the word try, think about wording what you want to say without it. There are other words that are better at expressing what you want to speak. We would all be better people if we removed the word try from our vocabulary as it does have a negative connotation. If anything we should want to be more clear & positive in what we say rather than be vague & negative.  It’s not always easy to be positive or have the mind set that we can do something any or all of the time, but the alternative is not the way to live because it can make us miserable, bitter, angry, and even physically make us sick. When we think negatively, it limits us in what we can do. When we think positively, we see what we are able to do and we persevere no matter what may hinder us. We may still see the limitations, but we can see beyond that as well. We may be weak, but we become strong when the limitations and the road blocks of our mind become unleashed.  Don’t self sabotage and don’t let others negative & toxic ways influence you badly. Rise above it & be the warrior you know yourself to be; when you can do that, you are allowing freedom into your life on every level and in every way.  Frame of mind with everything influences you in every possible way, so let it be in good, positive, safe ways.

Instead of saying, “I try”, say

“I will.”

“I do.”

“I will do it.”

“I’m doing it.”














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