Sautéed Vegetable Mix

Sautéed Vegetable Mix

The original recipe for this is from a Garden-Style Pizza.  I am unsure of the original source, but the below recipe is a modified version I have changed and added to throughout the years.  This is good on pizza, over pasta, or by itself.


2 cups carrots, shredded

2 cups mushrooms, sliced (in original recipe; this ingredient is optional)

2 cups zucchini, sliced, or Julienne or cut in long, thick strips if opting for eating by itself

½ cup onion, chopped

1 cup Bell Peppers mix or mild peppers, chopped (I tend to use a mix or a mixture of red & green, can use just one color if you wish)

Garlic, a few cloves, minced or run through garlic press (I usually use several cloves, lots of garlic is good in this)

2 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive Oil – just enough to cover skillet, so a light layer

1 tsp Italian Seasoning mix or ½ tsp Oregano and 1 tsp Basil (these measurements are for dried herbs)

½ to 1 tsp Crushed Red Pepper Flakes (can use more, depends on how much spice want)

½ tsp Black Pepper

½ to 1 tsp Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy (optional) If use this, then you won’t need to use Crush Red Pepper Flakes unless you want the extra kick of spice

Start sautéing the bell pepper, onion, and garlic in a little olive oil on medium heat. As the bell peppers start to get tender and the onion and garlic start turning in color, you can add zucchini and then the other vegetables.  As it cooks, stir and add the seasonings. Occasionally stir while cooking to prevent mixture from sticking to skillet. Try a bite of it, may want to add more seasoning of some kind to add flavor to your liking. Once everything is tender, it is ready to eat.


Lara’s Notes:  Once you do this recipe, you may start adding and playing around with how much seasoning and vegetables you want in this mixture.  Every time I make it, it comes out a little different in taste because I never go by measurements with anything in this recipe.  I aim at having a nice mixture of all the vegetables and add seasoning to flavor it as I want.

If cutting zucchini in long, thick strips thicker than Julienne style, I will add to skillet when cooking peppers, garlic, and onion, and then add other ingredients.  Another option is to buy a Veggetti Pro Spiral Vegetable Slicer   or another gadget that spiralizes vegetables; they are reasonable in price, fun to use, and easy to clean.

Adding 4 – 8 oz fresh or frozen spinach or kale is good in this dish.

Can omit the carrot if you want.

Salt is not listed as an ingredient in this recipe. When using this vegetable mix on pasta or pizza because of the salt content already in the tomato sauce base mix for pizza, the spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce, and in cheese, you will not need to add salt.  I very rarely add salt to this vegetable mix and when I do, I use it very sparingly. Because of the other seasonings in this recipe, you will find you won’t need to add salt. Make sure to taste the vegetable mix before even thinking about adding salt.

When making pizza, I do not use mushrooms in this mix.  I usually use the mushrooms as a topping.  I do not tend to use mushrooms in this recipe.  I usually omit it, so use it according to your preference.

If eating the vegetable mix by itself or the others ways specified, feel free to top with Parmesan cheese, mozzarella, or some other kind of Italian cheese; whatever you enjoy with Italian seasoning.  I enjoy this recipe best as if it were pasta, so I spiralize the zucchini. I usually add a whole jar of my favorite spaghetti sauce, meatballs or Italian sausage (cut up in bite sizes) in the skillet with the vegetable mix, mix it altogether, and let it heat up until everything is al dente. As it starts to boil, I cut off the heat and it’s ready to eat. Yum!

Bon Appétit!

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