Music has a healing touch – poem


Music has a healing touch


Music has the power to heal,

It soothes and warms your soul and calms the mind,

And it comforts you in the way that food does.

And if you are feeling down in any way,

Music has the ability to lift your mood.


When you find music that speaks to you,

Let music do its work in you,

For time heals all wounds,

So the same can be said of music

Especially when it is a broken heart.


If you find music that moves you,

Then let your feet start tapping

And feel the music,

So you can start dancing

Because moving the body is exercise.


If you find music in your voice,

Then sing with every part of your being.

For music comes alive with words

And it turns into a song

And that is when healing can truly begin.


So feel the music

And let your body heal from its powerful touch

For music cleanses and renews us

Let the music help you deal with life.

Yea, you got it right – Music is a powerful tool.



This poem came to me shortly after watching an episode of 7th Heaven (original air date: February 6, 2006). The episode had guest singer Michael Finestein playing a character of a high school music teacher. The moral of the episode is how music can heal us as we experience the ups and downs of life whether it be a broken heart or being homeless.  In other words, music can lift us up out of some very hard times.



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