Still grieving

Whirlwind of emotions have surfed up

I don’t know about you, but I’m still grieving with what happened last week in California. I’m grieving with the Pepperdine University community (my home for 10 years) & those whose lives were taken at the Borderline shooting in Thousand Oaks, California, see this post for more information. I know many people who know Alaina Housley’s family; although, I don’t know them personally. I also grieve for California in general with the wildfires. such devastation not just to lose lives & animals, but to lose homes. I lived in the Los Angeles area for a total of 11 years, so California will always be a place I call home. I know many people who live there, and everyone has been in my thoughts & prayers.

Life isn’t all about us and we not only see that when others pass on from this earthly life, but it makes us see our own mortality. Life is precious & sweet; make every second worth living. Make sure to say “I love you” to those you are closest to and matter to you, and make sure they know how you feel about them. Make sure to show affection and appreciation to them. No one is guaranteed tomorrow much less today, so love & take care of self and love others.

Life is so much bigger

than just me and it’s much bigger than you. We should be serving others and always asking, “How can I help? How can I help you?”  Many people can’t help with money and that’s OK; there are other ways to help. Giving of your time to help someone is really appreciated even if it’s a small gesture whether it’s a listening ear, making a home cooked meal, or doing something else to be helpful to that person. Praying for others is always nice too. I’m all about getting my hands dirty so to speak, but don’t discount what prayer can do or what it may mean to someone else. Praying can bring miracles into others lives, so saying “I’m praying for you” can mean the world to someone (if that is what you are doing). Be kind, be respectful, & be loving even when you don’t understand because to be anything else is like the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”  It doesn’t matter if there’s freedom of speech, we still need to exercise in holding our tongues and in what we do and don’t do. Learn to know when to speak and when not to shows much nicer & kinder ways in dealing with others than resulting in fighting with our fists or words much less with some physical device like a gun. Learn to know when to pick your battles and when to walk the other way and not dignify it with an answer much less feeling the need to explain.

In a nutshell, how we treat others speaks volumes about ourselves. If you have something negative, mean, or rude to say, then keep it to yourself or rephrase what you want to say without the intention of harm and with love. If you need help with that, then please go seek the help you need to work that out. Our intentions need to be kind, loving, and helpful to the community that serves us. Your family is a community, but community could be where you live, where you work, where you attend church, &/or where you attend school. There is a community around you that will help you.

Let Alaina’s voice be heard.





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