Giving Thanks – poem

Interesting Tree in the park

Giving Thanks

So much to be thankful & grateful for

Take time to bless someone less fortunate than you

Take time to be with family

Take time to be with friends

Take time to be kind & nice to others

You may be the only light that shines in someone’s life.


Take time to slow down

And enjoy the moments

Savor the beauty & fragrances around you

Instead of rushing

And wanting things done now

Just take one step at a time

One day at a time

Isn’t that what we all should do?


Be a blessing so you may be blessed

Instead of looking at what you do not have

Look at what you do have

If you have a job, a car, a home, money to buy what you need

Or if you have family and friends that can be there when you need someone

As there are those who don’t have any of that or have lost such things.

You are richer than you know.


Give thanks for what you have

And who touches your life.

Thanksgiving Day should not be the only day of the year we give thanks

We should be thankful for every day as it is a gift

And thankful for everyone as they will teach us life lessons whether good or bad

I give thanks for everything and everyone in my life each & every day

Shouldn’t we all?








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