I said No – poem

I said NO not YES


Did I say yes?

I said, No.

When I say no I mean no,

So do not take it as a yes.

Do not misconstrue what I say.

So why did you do it?

Why did you choose to do that when I said no?

Do you not listen?

Or do you just choose to do what you want

Regardless of what I want or need?

This isn’t about you.

It isn’t about me.

It is about what is right.

It is about treating each other with respect.

If you can’t treat me with respect,

If we can’t treat each other with respect,

Then we need to work on the relationship

As communication is key in any relationship.

For without trust, respect, communication, and love,

There is no reason to continue.

So let’s treat each other right other

Otherwise, let’s move on without each other.


Ever had a time with someone and it doesn’t matter who it is, where someone asked you if they could do something and you told them no and they still did it.  It’s quite aggravating, isn’t it?  Or how about when someone cuts you off when you are speaking because they have to say what is on their mind right then or they will forget. Or they just want to show how rude they are by interrupting you. Or at least that’s how it comes off  because you were taught if you can’t say anything nice, then you don’t say anything. Believe me; I have been there more times than I would like to be in that situation.

People don’t listen to understand but to reply and that is the biggest communication problem we face with others. When someone is speaking, we are deciding what we want to say in return. We need to be intentionally listening with whoever we speak with as what they are saying is important and we need to prove we are listening to them by answering them in a way where they can feel heard and acknowledged.  It matters how we treat others, so even when others aren’t treating you right be the better person and treat them as good as you are not as bad as they are.


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