How we compliment others

“That’s cute!”  “Oh, you look so cute.”

Once you hit your teen years, that is not a word you want to hear.  A puppy is cute. A kitten is cute.  Most baby animals are cute! Some human babies are cute; believe me, some babies are not as attractive as other babies.

As we become older, we should be saying to young ladies to the more mature women, “You look pretty.” “How stunning!” “You look fabulous.” “You look amazing.” Those are the kinds of compliments that make you feel really good about yourself.  They build up your confidence and self-esteem.  I mean who doesn’t want to feel and look beautiful.  Women need to say it to other women and young ladies. And men need to be saying it to the women in their lives. And when it is your significant other saying such striking words and they mean what they say, it truly means the world. There is nothing better or sweeter than the person you love caring enough in making you feel beautiful by telling you that you are stunning. Men need to be complimented too. We all need compliments!

There is a difference when we say: “Your blouse is beautiful.” “You are gorgeous in that color.” “That dress is becoming on you.”

Saying “You are beautiful” is saying to that person she is beautiful and you are complimenting her for how she looks.  When saying “Your dress is beautiful”, it is about complimenting the dress and not the person.  When something is becoming on someone, it is because it favors them because of their looks (due to their hair color, skin tone, and eye color).

Our choice in how we use words, how we phrase things, and even the punctuation we use (whether we speak or write) matters.  Think before you speak is my motto; too easy for a Freudian slip to happen much less hurting someone’s feelings and not meaning to hurt them.

We are all magnificent,  special, unique, and amazing people.  We choose to see what we want. I know it’s harder to see it in others at times because some people choose to be difficult for whatever reason.  Sometimes we do have to dig through the dirt to find the beauty.









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