Invigorevity Spray

This is an invigorating and revitalizing spray which has a variety of uses, so I have named it Invigorevity. It is all natural and nontoxic. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have over the years.

In a 2 to 3 ounce amber or colored (not clear) spray bottle, add 2 ounces filtered water (if possible) and then add the following essential oils: Tea Tree, Peppermint, Geranium, and Eucalyptus. Put enough of each essential oil in bottle, at least 10 drops of each, so you can distinguish each scent.  Shake it, and then smell it.  If cannot smell each essential oil, then add more drops from the ones you think need to be added to mixture.  Then add just a little more water and fill a half inch to an inch below the top, so it won’t spill out and shake again.

If make in an 8 oz spray bottle, fill up with 6 ounces of filtered water and  use at least 20 drops of each essential oil.

Anytime you use this and no matter how you use it, shake before using!  It helps mix the essential oils and activates the benefits of them.


Different Uses of the Invigorevity Spray:

I have used this in the shower for when I’m having a hard time waking up; one spray is all that is needed.  Spray on a wet hand and rub it on your face while avoiding your eye area and splash water on your face afterwards. Sometimes, I use this in conjunction with a facial scrub I make.

Before getting out of the shower, I spray once under each arm (so in the arm pit area) and anywhere I want to feel fresh smelling.  If using under your arm, if you wish spray into your hand and then rub it under your arm making sure to do it for each arm pit. A quick short spray in these areas is all anyone needs.  Don’t use this right after you shave, it will more than likely irritate one’s skin. Can use one spray on your pubic hair, but not on the groin area/private parts as it is too sensitive an area to use this spray.

When I empty trash cans, I spray it in the trash receptacles.  A couple of sprays are all that’s needed. This helps clean and deodorizes them which leads me to my next use.

It also helps when having a bowel movement.  Lift up the lid to the toilet and spray it once in the bowl before during your business.  If you want or feel the need to, one spray in the air after you flush the toilet. Needless to say, it’s good to use in any room to help deodorize, clean, and make it smell refreshing.  If spraying in a room, spritzing the area no more than three times is enough unless it’s a really big room.

Spritz it around the outside doors to your home around the door frame, spraying it roughly 8 inches out from the door.  This will help deter any bugs and other little critters from coming inside your home. Do this up to three times a week or may do it every day if feel the need to do it that often.

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