There in the distance — one of my poems

By: Lara

Written: September 2011

There in the distance, there is a place

There in the distance

There is a place.

A place I’ve always longed for

A place I’ve always needed.

There almost in my grasp.

I can touch it

Yet it is so far away.

Like sand between my fingers

It falls away so quickly.

That place in the distance

Holds the key to everything good.

How can I reach that place.

When every time I take a step

It seems to become farther away.

Seeping more into the distance

Fading into the sunrise and sunset

Of each and every day.

Oh, how my heart needs that place!

Oh, how I need to be there!

There in the distance is

A bright and shining place

That never dulls that we all seek.

There, there in the distance is a place

I call home where there’s nothing

But love, hope, and understanding.

There’s nothing but positive and goodness there.

There’s no room for negativity and doom.

No room for trickery or lies.

There in the distance is a place

A place full of sunshine and peace.

Oh, I’m almost there.

I’m almost there.



This poem is about what lies in our ways to get where we need to be whether it be somebody who is negative or zaps our joy of living or things that get in our way in life.  It’s about almost getting there, but not quite.  It’s about finding everything that is beautiful and right in that one place where we can all find peace and love.





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