Gift Idea

Are you still trying to decide on what to give people for a Christmas gift or a gift for another occasion, then opt for a Rice Sock. Or maybe you want to treat yourself. They are easy to make and I think most anyone would like this gift. See why below….

Rice Socks are great for when you are in physical pain or when you are cold. They curve around your neck or a body part unlike a heating pad. The best way to heat them up is in a microwave and when the sock cools off, you can just place the Rice Sock back in the microwave. You can also use as a cold pack, so you can put it in the  freezer, ice box, until it’s cold to your liking. It does take 30 to 45 minutes if not longer for it to get cold enough needless to say it takes planning to time to freeze and use it, so it might be easier just to make an ice pack. Remember ice helps with inflammation, so when in pain, use ice before heat and alternate between the two. 15 minutes on with ice, then off for 15 minutes. Then do heat for that amount of time and 15 minutes off.  Then can switch back to ice again and heat again if needed. 

Make sure to read the entirety of this post for everything you need to know to about a Rice Sock.

20181214_113130    — length needs to be 20 inches (50.8 cm)

How to make a Rice Sock

See under When to replace a Rice Sock (see below) for specifications in the kind of sock that is used to make this.

Fill sock with 3 pounds of cheap, white uncooked rice. Cut open the bag of rice and pour it in the sock or find the best way for you to pour rice in the sock.  Once fill sock with rice, tie in a secure knot near end of sock opening.  Want the sock to be loose, so rice can move around a little, but don’t want it so tight that it doesn’t give when placing around your neck.

How to use

Place sock in a clean microwave for 2-3 minutes or until hot; this will depend on the wattage of the microwave of how long it will take for the sock to become hot.  The sock needs to be at a temperature comfortable to touch.

When it cools off, you can place the sock back in the microwave to heat it up again.  Be careful you don’t want to overheat sock; this can burn your skin due to excessive heat.  When reheating and the sock still has some warmth to it, don’t over do the amount in the microwave. Set it for a minute and feel the sock all around, if it’s not hot enough then allow just a little more time. Always touch and feel all around the sock. If it’s too hot, just lay it down somewhere and let it cool for a few minutes.

Apply the Rice Sock anywhere you hurt such as on your neck, joints, or head.

It makes a great foot warmer.

When need to replace Rice Sock

When making and replacing buy a  pair or package of men’s cotton socks (best if predominantly cotton) of any color you wish that are king size or knee high; sock needs to measure at least 20 inches in length (50.8 cm) from toe area to opening of sock is what you will need to make a Rice Sock for this use; anything longer is too long and anything shorter is too short. Tube socks with no heel are ideal for making a Rice Sock.  If needed take a measuring tape with you when you go shopping, so you can purchase the right length. Men’s socks are used because they are bigger (more bulky & stronger) and thicker than women’s socks.

When the sock starts breaking down and a hole begins to appear, that is a sign it needs to be replaced. Don’t wait too long in replacing the sock as the hole will get bigger. Just cut open or untie the sock and pour the contents of the rice in a new sock. If the rice doesn’t smell like it should, then throw it away and use a new bag of rice.

20181214_135128 — This pair came in a 3 pack (bought at Walmart).

Great Gift Idea

This makes for a great gift by either making the Rice Sock yourself or not.  When traveling or mailing this, it is recommended to not make the sock because it will add to the weight of the package (or to your luggage). Buy the rice at your destination and then make the Rice Sock if you are going to make it yourself. This is not easy to gift wrap when the Rice Sock has been already made, so might just want to add a piece of festive yarn or ribbon on it and add a to/from card on the yarn (or ribbon) unless you want to place the Rice Sock in a sturdy type gift bag or sturdy box (not a gift box they are not strong enough).

The other suggestion is to not make the Rice Sock; this way is easier when traveling and mailing it. Place the pair of socks in a gift box along with a printed version of the instructions.  Place 3 dollar bills in an envelope label it “Rice Money,” so the recipient has the money to buy rice; a pound of cheap rice in the USA is usually under $1.  Since this is using one sock from the pair, the extra sock can be put in a gallon size Ziploc bag and then label the bag with “Extra Rice Sock for when need replacement”.

When you make the Rice Sock yourself and give as a gift, you can do the other suggestions for when you don’t make the Rice Sock so feel free to add the above instructions, rice money, and an extra sock with it.  Be creative, make the gift personable, and add your touch in making this Rice Sock a special gift.


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