Earth Disguised — one of my poems

By: Lara

Written: July 1993

Earth Disguised


My eyes have seen the virgin earth which has been tainted,

Tainted by evil and with sin.

Something which I have no control over.

My heart knows the sadness and pain in which you endure.

Mother Earth!

How I will never know the waters you tread.

My nose has smelled the poisonous, lewd stench,

Which spills into your ocean waters.

Overflowed with bitterness and hatred,

I bury my own face into my hands.

My hands have felt your rough edges,

Which has camouflaged your delicate features or yesteryear.

Calloused and concealed are you.

How I wish I could chip away your mask!

My ears have heard the cacophony of men’s bellowing voices,

And of items that were not meant to be made by them,

But when I hear the nature trill as I tread,

I know that making it all was and is worthwhile.



When I wrote this poem, I wanted it to come from God’s view of what He sees of earth.  He gave us freewill to make choices, but it doesn’t mean he’s happy with everything we choose to do.  He knows our hearts and that’s what matters.  We are made in his image and when we believe in him, we should honor him in everything we do.

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