Never gone — one of my poems

Never gone, Always in my heart And always in what I say and do. Just because you are not physically here, Doesn’t mean I don’t love any less, And it doesn’t mean I care any less. I may go through life without you by my side But it doesn’t mean you are not here. Even […]

Get out, move on

Ever have thoughts of someone you know you don’t want to be reminded of or don’t want to think about anymore because you have moved on with your life.  I know the feeling. Whenever that happens to me, the following is what I do and yes, this does work.  You don’t have to believe it, […]

What’s so good about it?

Fred came in the office and in his warm tone said, “Good Morning!” Sally  looked at him peering over her glasses and said, “What’s so good about it?” Another coworker, Anna said, “It’s good I have another day of life. I’m thankful I still have 10 fingers and 10 toes.” That little scenario is based […]

Keeping Loss Alive

It saddens me when I see a loved one hurting. Hurting because they miss a grandparent, father, mother, sibling, or spouse who is no longer on this earth.  We all go through this process of loss no matter who leaves this earthly life. Next month marks 20 years for my father’s death.  I think of […]

Don’t Just Walk Away — one of my poems

By: Lara Wrote: November 2018 Don’t Just Walk Away   Say something; Don’t walk away without saying something. Saying you are busy and don’t have time to talk is better than nothing. Saying something is better than nothing. Saying talk to you later is better than not replying at all Saying goodbye forever is better […]

Goodbye 2018 & Hello 2019

Looking back at 2018 To say goodbye And good riddance For there are better days ahead. Looking back in order To learn from the past And see the mistakes That can make me better But pressing forward To see all the joy, beauty, And love that is even impossible As the word itself says it’s […]

Better to say something than nothing

  We all have our shortcomings & faults; no one is exempt from this. When someone says something to you or asks you something, acknowledge it and answer that person. It is better to say “I don’t know” or “I will find out” than to say nothing. When you don’t say something, that person does […]